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Updating Your Profile

The audition process starts before you even get contacted by an agent. The process starts with your profile on the Productions Plus Talent Portal. Making sure you have an up-to-date profile for P+ is key. This also applies to other websites such as Actor’s Access, Casting Networks, and Cast It Talent. 

Having an updated profile is key as it widens the scope of casting search criteria which can identify you as a potential fit. It can improve your chances for a specific role. 

If an agency is searching for a 35-year-old and finds a profile of interest but finds the most recent headshot is of a 22-year-old—that could rule you out.  

Not only is an updated profile key for matching you with a role, the information on the Productions Plus Talent Portal is used to send mailings, payments, and contact and communicate with you. If any of your contact information is outdated, you may miss out. 

If you aren’t sure if your profile needs a touch-up, reach out to your agent with any specific questions. This is a collaborative effort that we are glad to be a part of! 

Productions Plus is the largest SAG-AFTRA franchised agency in the Midwest that also specializes in events and product demos. 

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