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Self-Taped Audition Tips

Self-taped auditions have become the norm. Many Casting Directors have embraced the increasing sophistication of cell phone technology allowing talent to become their own camera crew with remarkable quality.

Here are a few general guidelines to follow to make sure you present the best you:

  • Choose a location with good lighting and a neutral background.
  • Begin with head and shoulder shot facing directly into the camera stating your first name, last name, and agency (Productions Plus).
  • Follow with a full body shot directly facing the camera.
  • Return to the initial head and shoulder shot looking just off-camera (not looking directly at the camera) speaking to another person or reader.
Woman looking into cell phone camera recording herself with a ring light

This has been a new adjustment for many in the industry, but it just goes to show the adaptability of everyone—from self-taped auditions by talent to callbacks via Zoom which have allowed continued casting and shooting of projects.

Just remember that professional studio quality is not required, let alone expected, from these self-taped auditions. The main objective is to be audible and visible.

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