Detroit Free Press Notices a Shift in Product Specialist Stereotypes

The wardrobe of the Product Specialist is changing

2018 has already established it’s self firmly on the side of women.  The Golden Globes were filled with talk of “Times Up” and “Me Too” and these conversations have spilled into every day life, including at the NAIAS 2018.  In a recent article, the Detroit Free Press took at look at product specialists today and how much they and their wardrobe have changed over the past several decades.  From sparkly dresses to new chic separates, product specialists have evolved from models to knowledgeable brand representatives. The article mentions that women product specialist are now sometime mistaken for executives, a big change from the “spin and grin” expectations of the past.  The evolution of the Product Specialist and their wardrobe  is chronicled in our founder and CEO Margery Krevsky Dosey’s book, Sirens of Chrome, also mentioned in the article. We hope you check the article out. Have you noticed a shift at the auto show?

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