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8 Tips for Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Anyone who works in marketing or events will tell you there has been a shift in the industry that leans towards engagement marketing. Branded events and shareable moments are popping up everywhere, representing a vast array of industries. With this influx has also been a sharp increase in the need for Brand Ambassadors, aka people who represent the brand, while engaging consumers and helping bring the activation to life. But what makes a good Brand Ambassador (BA) and how do you get hired as one?

Productions Plus – The Talent Shop has been in the event staffing business for over 35 years and continues to be a leader in product promotions and brand awareness. We take pride in hiring only the best Brand Ambassadors who are highly trained and love what they do, which shows in the success of each and every event.

Here are the top qualities we look for in potential BA candidates:

  • The Right Personality
  • Friendliness
  • Punctuality
  • Appearance
  • Good Communication
  • Experienced
  • Flexible
  • Tech Savy

The Right Personality

The number one quality we look for when hiring a BA is an outgoing and engaging personality. This means you have the ability to talk to anyone and everyone, and you never wait to be approached. You should be energetic and excited about the brand and the event. It’s your exuberance consumers will feed off of and decide whether or not they are willing to participate in the engagement. If you look unapproachable, tired or disinterested, you can guarantee it will deter people who are passing by from giving your set up a second glance, nor will you get past your initial interview with us.

Be Friendly

Smile! It may sound funny, but we always expect our BA’s to smile; especially, during an interview. It’s important that Brand Ambassadors be friendly and approachable, even on their last hour of a shift. Your openness, smiles and kind words leave lasting impressions on consumers and will leave people walking away from an event with a humanized and happy association with a product or brand.

Don’t Be Late

Another key factor to becoming a successful Brand Ambassador is timeliness. We stand by the saying, “if you are ontime, you are late.” Events and engagements are full of enough pitfalls and surprises, we don’t want your arrival time to be an added stress for your lead to worry about. Please show us the same respect during an interview or a scheduled call. If you are late to meet our recruiters, we will inevitably believe that you will be late onsite.

Show Who You Really Are

Appearance, yes it matters, but maybe not in the way you would expect. When you submit yourself for a BA role, you will often be asked to submit a headshot, along with your resume. Some candidates take this to mean glamour shots; however, touched up photos are typically a turn off to clients. As we mentioned above, approachability is key, and filters and sultry stares don’t make you look friendly… neither do flower crown filters or lighting that blows out all your imperfections. Brands want to see what you really look like, so make sure the shots you submit are truthful, in color and SMILING!

Communication is Key

Communication is crucial. Please be aware that the way you communicate with a recruiter or a manager reflects on how you speak. If your emails are riddled with errors or are rambling and confusing to follow, we will be less inclined to continue the conversation. Additionally, we always appreciate Brand Ambassadors who respond to emails in a timely fashion. We never want to be left wondering, “did they get my email?” “Are they still interested in the job?”

Share Your Experiences

Make sure your resume is proofread and applicable. Maybe you have never worked as a Brand Ambassador before, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right experience for the position. Jobs that require most of the same skills sets as a BA are in hospitality, retail, in-store demonstrations and even childcare. Basically, anything that shows you have experience working with the public and different personalities. If your previous work experience did not require said skills, think about volunteer work or activities you participated in while in school or with religious groups.

Be Ready to Roll with the Punches

Exhibit flexibility… and no, we aren’t talking about yoga poses. We actually mean being able to roll with the proverbial punches. Events are ever changing; times, dates and locations can all get altered moments before an event. We want to hire Brand Ambassadors who will work with our account managers and understand that these types of changes are often out of our control.

Know the Technology

Be “tech-savvy.” Generally speaking, this phrase means that a BA candidate can navigate social media platforms and handle an iPad or tablet with minimal training. As technological innovations progress, the importance of a BA will continue to evolve. A good BA should also be adept at dealing with greenscreens, social plugin, and Virtual Reality. This intuitive ability to grasp the latest technology and social trends will help you be at the forefront of new avenues for Brand Ambassadors.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador. The next step for you is to register with agencies. We hope you will apply to join our database of over 30K nationwide talent. As a leader in our industry, we staff events every day of the year and in every US state, including Hawaii and Alaska. We look forward to interviewing you and getting you staffed on our next event!

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