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4 Steps To Staffing An Event You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Engagement marketing is a major trend that only continues to grow. 41% of marketers believe that events are the single-most effective marketing channel over digital advertising, email marketing and content marketing. But to get consumers to engage with your product at an event, you need people. And while it may seem like staffing an event is the easiest part of your production, here are some key steps and reminders to avoid expensive pitfalls.

1. Recruit The Right Staff

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Obtaining a clear understanding of your business’ vision for an event is the key to selecting the right staff. Make sure to consider experience and personality as well as look when casting. You should search for talent with a consistent background of timeliness, accountability, and sociability. A great looking model is not effective if they stand in your display with their arms crossed, looking miserable. The best event talent are outgoing, brand passionate and full of energy. These traits can only truly be confirmed with an interview or by hiring a seasoned talent agent/recruiter to make staffing recommendations.

2. Don’t Skip Wardrobe

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The right wardrobe elevates your team at an event. It helps them look cohesive while also being easy to identify. Wardrobe can range from a branded t-shirt or hat to full on mascot uniforms or show-stopping formal wear. When deciding what to wardrobe your event staff in, you should consider what image you are trying to project for your brand, how long your staff will wear said outfits and body types that you are clothing. We at Productions Plus have an entire wardrobe division dedicated to helping your brand come alive at events. They can create presentations of selections to match any styles/price points. They also have relationships with several major department stores and fashion houses which means our clients often pay less than normal retail for wardrobe.

3. Decide Which Type Of Employment Status Your Hiring

Depending on your event type, you will either be hiring independent contractors or temporary employees. It is highly advisable to hire a payroll company to process your checks and process year end tax documents. At Productions Plus we are fully capable of employing and paying both types of talent and performing background checks. We have a dedicated accounting department who works with a payroll solution to make sure your talent are paid on time; and when hiring temporary employees, that all Federal, State & Local Taxes are accurately calculated, paid and filed.

4. Confirm Scheduling and Employment LawsFair

Employment laws and requirements vary wildly by state. Be sure to be well versed in break laws and meal penalties in the state that you are hiring in. We recommend hiring supervisors to ensure talent receive breaks at the appropriate times and the state requirements are upheld. Setting up a break schedule prior to the event activation days is a great way to give yourself the time to make sure your event is compliant with state laws.

You should also be mindful of when holiday pay and blue laws may come into play. In this day and age it is highly recommended to employ a professional staffing agency who is well versed in all of these intricacies per state.

We at Productions Plus, go above and beyond our client’s expectations and offer a wide variety of services for trade shows, live events, and demo programs. P+ has the reach of a national agency yet offers a 24/7 boutique experience. Our recruitment team scours the country searching for the nation’s best event talent and we are ready to staff your next event at a moment’s notice. With this winning combination, we can ensure that each client will see success. We look forward to helping your next event become a success.

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